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Uncommon Grace; Saved for a Purpose

uncommon grace book

Uncommon Grace; Saved for a Purpose

In this simple, short and inspiring book, ‘Wale Akinwumi and Juddie Passion reveal the faithfulness and unparalleled love of the purpose driven God; His abundant mercies and uncommon grace.
This is the true story of a young man who came face to face with death in a fatal auto accident that claimed four lives; he died twice and was raised by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit. A man full of uncommon grace; he went down the valley of the shadow of death and feared no evil, had his skull fractured into a gully six inches from the frontal bone of his forehead to the parietal bone across the suture and along the superior line of his head.
The gully on his head was about four to five inches deep and miraculously had no injury to his brain. The open wound had so many pieces of broken metal that kept the doctors wondering why this man should live after all.
Doctors were more shocked that this man still had enough blood running in his veins and needed no transfusion for surgery after bleeding continuously from the head for more than four hours.
What then can we say to these; other than that he is truly a man with an uncommon grace who was saved for a purpose by the God of purpose.


From the Author

This is the first book in the series and the book took more than nine years to complete.

This book will help you to rediscover your faith in your creator. It is a tool for meditation and sober reflections. God is greater than your mistakes and errors called sins and is capable of giving you a second chance at life by his uncommon grace. This book will surely prove to you that you are not alone, God loves you and cares about you and your purpose on earth. If you are yet to find your footing in this world of busybodies, this book will help enlighten you on your path to glory.
God does not believe in impossibilities and so you mustn’t. If you believe in impossibilities then you are short-changing yourself. Impossibilities bring about miracles. God sees miracles and humans see impossibilities. The Uncommon Grace: Saved for a purpose will prove to you that every good thing is possible.
Have you ever been written-off by friends, family, spouse and community as good-for-nothing or failure? This book is for you; God will turn your situation around and the same people that wrote you off will be the ones to announce and sing your praises. Get the book and read, tell us your challenges and expect a miracle because you are the next candidate for uncommon grace of God.


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    “I enjoyed reading it and was highly inspired by the numerous testimonies of what God has accomplished in your ministry. I am sure this is just the beginning of greater things He will yet do.” – Taiwo Fagbuyi,
    Resident Pastor,
    The Gospel Faith Mission International,
    House of Change, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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