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Save Our Planet

We work very hard to educate the communities on how to save our planet from climate change and global warming by encouraging them to adopt renewable energy, mostly Solar energy to replace their diesel and gas generators. The fumes from these gas generators are harmful both to our planet and the users at home. We also preach the gospel of Energy Efficiency; by encouraging them to change their light bulbs to the new energy saving bulbs and use solar lanterns in place of candles and kerosine lamps. We are working with manufacturers to produce solar fridges, air conditioners and TVs to be distributed to the community. We are introducing Solar Water heating and Purifying systems for our community. This will help the community provide clean water without the help of the aging national energy grid.

We had a challenge owing to the initial cost of ownership (ICO) of these new renewable systems and we found the solution: Pay-As-You-Go PAYG Solar Home systems and Micro Grid systems. This will solve the challenge with the ICO. The community members will only be paying for energy that they use through mobile solutions. The user does not need to pay anything upfront to use the system. He only buys credit just like the Mobile Phone recharging. He can monitor his energy usage through the provided electronic meter. He can also put the system off when he is not at home to conserve energy and save him some money.

This system will automatically encourage energy saving and efficiency more than we can imagine. It will curb energy wastage and Reduce the amount of energy used.

We need support and funding in the manufacturing, shipping and installation of these systems to our community members. More than 5,000,000 homes are expecting the rollout of the Home Systems.

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